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'easyDSP' is a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) for the maintaining, configuring and trouble-shooting of embedded software with strict real-time requirements. The tool automatically extracts the symbol information from compiler's output file and presents the user with windows for the viewing, editing, logging and graphing of those symbols, in real-time, while the target software is executing. easyDSP communicates with the target DSP over a serial communication link, typically SCI. On the target, only a small "remote agent" needs to be called in the lowest prioritized task. Since the remote agent runs on spare processor cycles, it does not interfere with the interrupt driven part of the software. This makes the tool ideal for interfacing with power electronics control software, where the control tasks need to be executed uninterruptedly and with minimal latency. The fact that easyDSP does not depend on JTAG for communicating with the target makes the tool operate reliably in environments with strong EMI and/or high-voltage isolation requirements.

Since 1999, it has been used in many industrial DSP applications and has made great reputation in both performance and quality.

- Supported DSP : TMS320F2837xD, TMS320F2837xS, TMS320F2833x, TMS320F2823x, TMS320F2802x/2803x/2805x/2806x/2807x/28004x
                         TMS320C2834x, TMS320F281x, TMS320F280x series

- Supported OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
- Serial booting
- On-board flash writing for TMS320C2834x (AT25DF021/41/81/161/321, M25P20/40/80/16/32)
- On-chip flash writing
- Reading/Writing for program variables
- Support various data format (array, struct, union, bit-field )
- Versatile interface (command, watch, plot, memory, array, tree, register, chart, recorder windows)
- Galvanic isolation


V9.03 (released in Jan, 2020)
Please check out major updates :
▪ supporting the latest version of TI C2000 compiler (/w --symdebug:dwarf compiler option) 

V8.8 (released in Nov, 2019)
Please check out major updates :
Faster serial booting
▪ More stable 28004x serial booting
▪ Bluetooth not supported anymore
▪ possible to use internal clock source for 28004x

▪ Bug fixed : Bit field variables are read as 0 if the bit is located MSW in 32bit variable
▪ Bug fixed : Unsuccessful flashrom operation of 2837xD, 2837xS and 2807x if section size is more than 0xFFFF
▪ Bug fixed : dimension display error

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Thank all customers for your continuous support from year 1999 !
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According to its interface, 2 kinds are available as below
Target DSP TMS320F28x + SCI
Target DSP TMS320F28x + max. 200m Optic cable + SCI


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