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News : v11.2 released on May 2024

easyDSP ?

'easyDSP' is a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) for the maintaining, configuring and trouble-shooting of embedded software with strict real-time requirements.
The tool automatically extracts the symbol information from compiler's output file and presents the user with windows for the viewing, editing, logging and graphing of those symbols in real-time. 
easyDSP communicates with the target MCU over a serial communication link, typically SCI or USART. On the target, only a small "remote agent" needs to be called in the lowest prioritized task. Since the remote agent runs on spare processor cycles, it does not interfere with the interrupt driven part of the software. This makes the tool ideal for interfacing with power electronics control software, where the control tasks need to be executed uninterruptedly and with minimal latency.
The fact that easyDSP does not use JTAG and SWD makes the tool operate reliably in environments with strong EMI and/or high-voltage isolation requirements.

Since 1999, it has been used in many industrial MCU applications and has made great reputation in both performance and quality.

- Supporting TI C2000 , AM263xTM4C and MSPM0  MCU series
- Supporting ST  STM32  MCU series
- Supporting Infineon PSoC4, XMC1  and XMC4 MCU series
- Supporting Renesas
RA, RX MCU series
- Supporting Toshiba
TX, TXZ3  MCU series
- Supporting NXP LPC1x00
  MCU series
- For details of supported MCU, please check
- For the support of new MCU, please contact

- Supported OS : 64bit Windows
- RAM booting (only for TI C2000, AM263x and ST STM32 series)
- On-chip flash writing (except XMC1)
- On-board flash writing for TMS320C2834x
- Reading/Writing for code variables
- Support various data format (array, struct, union, bit-field )
- Versatile interface (command, watch, plot, memory, array, tree, chart, recorder windows)
- Galvanic isolation between PC and MCU


According to target MCU and its interface, 3 kinds are available :
Type 1 : Target MCU C2000 + SCI
Type 2 : Target MCU C2000 + max. 200m optic cable + SCI
Type 3 : Target MCU STM32, AM263x, TM4C, MSPM0, PSoC4, XMC1/4, RA, RX, TX/TXZ3 or LPC1x00 + U(S)ART
Note) Type 1 and 2 are dedicated to TI C2000 MCU. Type 3 is dedicated to the other MCU.

 Type 1

 Type 2

 Type 3



V11.2 ▪ New MCU support : TMS320F28P55xS, STM32U0, RA8T1 and RA2A2 
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V11.1 ▪ New MCU support :  STM32U535, STM32U545, STM32U595, STM32U599, STM32U5A5, STM32U5A9, RA2E3, RA4E2, RA4T1, RA6E2, RA6T3, RA8D1, RA8M1, RX26T,  LPC1300, LPC1700 and LPC1800
V11 ▪ Supports TI MSPM0 series
▪ Supports TI TMS320F28P65x series
▪  Bug Fix :TMS320F2838xD flash boot with DriverLib libray : CM fails to flash boot if CPU2 is used

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contact for purchasing, afterservice and pod hardware  hr.oh@egreenpower.com
contact for software, bug reporting, new idea and technical inquiry easydsp@gmail.com